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Welcome to my Website!

Here you find information about my work. This includes a lists of publications, talks and courses. Please feel free to contact me by email if you have questions or (critical) comments.


'Applying Systems Biology to Biomedical Research and Health Care: A Prècising Definition of Systems Medicine' has just been published with BMC Health Services Research.

The anthology 'Vorrang der Moral? Eine metaethische Kontroverse' (edited by Martin Hoffmann, Reinold Schmücker and Héctor Wittwer) containing an article by Orsolya Friedrich and me has been published with Klostermann.

The anthology 'Nietzsche, Foucault und die Medizin. Philosophische Impulse für die Medizinethik' (edited by Orsolya Friedrich, Diana Aurenque, Galia Assadi and me) can now be purchased from Transcript.