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Welcome to my Website!

Here you find information about my work. This includes a lists of publications, talks and courses. Please feel free to contact me by email if you have questions or (critical) comments.


Schleidgen, S. (2022): 'Nachhaltige Entwicklung, menschliche Grundbed├╝rfnisse und Suffizienzgerechtigkeit'. Marburg: Metropolis


Friedrich, O.; Schleidgen, S. & Wolkenstein, A. (Guest Editors) (2021/2022): Topical Collection 'Information in Interactions Between Humans and Machines'. Philosophy & Technology.

Schleidgen, S.; Friedrich, O. & Wolkenstein, A.: 'How Intelligent Neurotechnology Can Be Epistemically Unjust. An Exploration into the Ethics of Algorithms'. In: Review of Social Economy 80/1 (2022): 106-126.